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Hello, I'm Benny.

I only dress this way because my sister makes these outfits for me for Halloween...okay okay, so I am a ham, and I like the attention. But you have to admit, I'm a cutie!

My sister took this photo of me last Halloween, and she apologizes for the quality, she accidentally opened the camera while there was film still in it. So I'll have to pose again in my costume for new photos.

She says that I am gonna be dressed like a cow this year for Halloween coz I eat like one! How insulting!

But if I get as much attention from the kidz like last year, I'll do it. I like kidz cos they like to scratch my belly. I looove that!

Oh, I haveta run now, I have this really bad itch and I have to scratch it, but I will be up here again (while the sis is asleep) to update this page.
Thanks for stopping by!