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There is only a couple of links here right now....


Piercing Exquisite: This is where I go to get my piercing done. Anne is a really nice person and is extremely gentle. I suggest that if you are going to get any piercing done and you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, you give her a call.

These two images are © Anne Greenblatt. I respect her and her work, so I will make it known that these are hers......

This ear was done in Dec (?) of 1998, given to me by Shawn for a Xmas present. The Second hole I had done at the now defunct Gauntlet in S.F. By Stryker. The First is my berry berry first....when I was five, where I was drugged, and strapped into a chair and then the earring was 'stapled' into my head.... well, maybe not strapped down, or drugged, but the lady did use what I thought (I was 5) looked like a stapler.....(I'm in the process of stretching it a little.

Then July '99 rolls around and I get the other side done fer me birthday, and to balance myself.. Hoping to get more stuff done as soon as I get a place of my own (don't want to scare the parents....I don't pay rent...yet.

The image on the bottom is the first one, the big one is the new one.

Thanks Anne!


BME: Great site if you are interested in body art, informative and has photos too!!