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It's a new surprise everyday! This site will change at a whim... I get bored with the same look all of the time.... keeps one on ones toes!
Welcome to my crevice on the

My name is Jennifer Hayes. I am 22 at the time of the updating of this page. Be proud, am one of the many young people who started off in debt and then I left community college, and graduated from a graphic design college, and now am pursuing a good paying career to finish my servitude to the bank(s).

But I will put links and stuff here for you to search around and amuse yourselves. But be warned, my mom always told me that I was a little off....some of the things that I enjoy, others may not, some may find a thing or two offensive or wierd*.

Now onto other things...


*I even enjoy crafts now and then...that's weirrrrd.


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