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Welcome to my other life: Renaissance Faires. Not many people understand why we do them. Surviving rain, snow, freezing to searing temperatures and privy monsters and drink beer all day..running nekkid around camp.....(ha ha)

Nah, there is a sense of loyalty and family between the guilds and their members. Like a little community, with it's politics and bonding, it has the good and the bad....

I enjoy sewing and street performance. I also enjoy history, and crafty things. Any thingy that I can make with my bare hands I'll roll up here..... when I can get to it! Sheesh!

Historical Moment #1

The Gentry of London in the Renaissance:

The lesser nobility and other high-ranking untitled peers became an upper-middle class who made London the center of their social circle. They lived in luxurious townhouses and held fancy banquets and lived better than some royalty had not known before. Some of the upper class retained hard work ethics, but the offspring of many of the rich had become idle. Spending their days at the tailor's being outfitted in the latest fashions, or having their hair perfumed and arranged.

There was little in the way of outdoor sports in London. Some gentlemen took exercise in the form of tennis or billiards or they practiced with rapier and dagger. Spending time playing cards, backgammon, and dice games.

Ladies were most often accused of being "fond of taking it easy.....They sit before their doors, decked out in fine clothes in order to see and be seen...They employ their time visiting their friends and making merry...."
Well to do couples enjoyed putting on banquets with seafood, game and poultry. And , sometimes a private performance of a play or singing and dancing would follow the banquet.

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