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Welcome to my renaissance pictures page....I'd like to add that I am an avid amateur photographer, and I love it! So I will try to post as many pictures as I can!

And just remember, I don't get paid for be nice. All images are
© Jennifer Hayes

Emmy (on the right) & friend


Tulare 1997



Folsom 1998



Marcus & friend....


Folsom 1998


Matt & Melissa


Valhalla 1998


Folsom 1998


Shawn brings home dinner*
*(it's only Bambi, our pet deer)

Photo shoot 1996

Our lord, the Earl of Argyll

(Rich our guildmaster)

Photo shoot `96

This is love for ya!

All my fellow guild members (in our medieval mode) plan to douse me (the dead one on the right) with a wee dram o' water.



Woodland Highland Games 1997

(demon-child, but what a cutie!)


Folsom 1998