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I am a person of few words, but when I try to talk (notice the word try) I always want to make people laugh. I never want to see anyone sad around me. Just call me crazy. I always wanted to be a stand up comic, but I was told that if anyone didn't laugh at my jokes, I'd probably run off the stage and cry.

Well, so what if they were right.

My friends and loved ones.....

I have few friends, but the ones that I still hold on to are the most special ones that I can have, and I hope to keep them forever! Even if they live 3,000 miles away, and anywhere in between...

So here they are:

(in no particular order!)

This is my Godson, Gavin.
Me and my best friend Jennifer at the Grand Canyon when we were in 4th grade.
Me on the right
Here is my other best friend, Rene with my Godson, Gavin.
This is my other Godson, Dade Spencer
This is Jennifer....
Me senior year in high school. I stole this off of my friends web page.
Sorry Rene.!