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This is my little spot on the web to play around and express the creativity that brews inside....

Heck, lets get to the fun part! Me (snicker)

My name is Jennifer Hayes. I am 22 at the time of the updating of this page. I am really happy becuase I graduated from college, and now I am doing what I love to do....graphic design. I have just started to design ads for print, and I am very excited.

Lets see... I enjoy many things, Renaissance faires, sewing , painting, drawing, history, and educating myself. I am a very crafty person, but who has time anymore? My brother swears that he will have a tattoo gun in my hands by the end of 1999, so help him. Watch out kitties!! (just kidding!)

But I will put links and stuff here for you to search around and amuse yourselves. But be warned, my mom always told me that I was a little off....some of the things that I enjoy, others may not, some may find a thing or two offensive or wierd.

Now onto other things...


This is just the beginning, so bear with me, please

This Page Last updated: 1/4/99

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