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Here be the den of scary things that I have tried or am in the process of trying to "create". I use the term loosely.
But I will post pictures and what I am doing here so that if you are at all interested, you can see. But I will have questions that need answering soon, so, all help is apprecited too!!!

For those of you that have's a picture of me in my dress....please don't scream and run away.
So it was 100 degrees, and don't I look I wish for a hat....project time!


Here is the latest attempt. I am desperately trying to finish this thing before I turn 60. I'm adding some fabric edging around the front instead of skirting. I know...but I saw this painting, and I can't seem to find it again, where a woman had these 'puffs' like piccadils, but different....hmmmmm..... but this is still in its unfinished state (note the pins still there)

Boyfriend says he doesn't have the other sleeve.....
Mystery continues......
Update as of 10/14/99: The sleeve has been found! And there was much rejoicing!


Please forgive the shabby quality of the picture. It was taken with a video camera BDC (before digtial camera) and not good..I'll get a new one up here soon.

This is my real first gigantic project. I was proud of it because I did a mock-up in 30 minutes! That was a monumental task for me. This photo is when it was still in the not-so-finished stage. But after I constructed it, I found that I placed the armholes too far back. Eeek! So I have enough of the same fabric left, I am going to rectify that! But the partlet is fine, I like the lace I added to the neck. It has sleeves, but I had left them in my boyfriends' car...pillbox hat..skipping that (I hate it.) And ignore the string hanging from the sleeve. And the fact that it has wrinkles only because it isn't laced up all the way. On to my next project for Northern..........


I have now learned that I HATE bodices with a passion. It took me 3 weeks to adjust the pattern and make it fit me. All by my lonesome (Boo Hoo, I know!) self. But I think it turned out okay. Not the most detailed thing in the world, but it works for middle class. Child and dog not included.

I think if I had a lot of money, I'd pay someone to make bodices for me!

I'll have my medievals up here soon.....I have to dress the dummy, and I hate doing that....she falls all over me!