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So you're thinking "Hello, continuity!" But I had to be a non-conformist...and break out of that shell! I wanted My page to be different like me!! I want to describe myself like myself....cooky, yet poetic, wild, but mellow and down to earth. I am just a bundle of contradictions.
But there is one thing that I'd like to say about myself. "If I don't know it, I'll read about it and learn it!"

For a while I wanted to be a nurse. Then I met my friend, and she is a nurse and I got to hear all of the gross stories about what she does all day, and so I don't think bodily fluids and stuff like that is what I'm looking for in a profession.

My Mom tells me she thinks that I am a little off of my rocker..... I don't know, but someitmes, I scare my family. One day one hair color, the next day a new one. A walking color wheel.

I am into a lot of things that negate one another. I am into body art in all forms weather it be tattoos, piercing, fashion statements, hair color, whatever. I feel that if you are expressing yourself, and you aren't hurting anyone else in the process, hell....go for it!

Me: I'm 23, My haircolor at this time is: Flame-ish, watch it, that may change! Skip all the assinine crap.... like may favorite color (black/green) uh, my favorite show...I don't watch TV 'cept for the news. Oh, excuse me, and when they have nifty shows on A&E or TLC (the Operation!!) or my favorite author/poet (Tennyson) blah blah blah.


Before (too scaryto show the entire image!)




After (Still scary...butcha know what I look like)



Hah! But it's not staying this way for long....I am waiting for a bitbefore I go red again, I just wanted to lighten it up a bit so
that the red I'm going to use really shows...
This was at Halloween, I'll put the full picture up later....Hah!







Me at this moment....hmm...I liked the Halloween image!! But I have old ladies harrassing me at work. Funny how some people actually take time out of their schedules to say something rude to me. Like I was actually hurting them.

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