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I am an avid amateur photographer. I enjoy capturing faire at it's best, smiles, frowns, embarrassing situations, I love them all. I will have more photos up here as the season progresses...

Yours Truly, Hanford 1996

George plays a tune
Tulare 1997

Folsom 1998

Folsom 1998

Tulare 1997

My fave. photo
Hanford 1996

Folsom 1998

Valhalla 1998

Folsom 1998

Guild Photo Shoot 1997

Shawn & Bambi
Guild Photo Shoot

Kaiboy 1. The first in the series..Ride em!!!

Yee Haw!!

Us, in the beginning...

All images are @Jennifer Hayes (Unless otherwise stated) Please don't use without permission!